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The Best Reviewed Green Tea

Since this site is all about bringing you the best tea, it only seems prudent that I present you with the highest-rated teas available at the top online tea shops. This will likely be a regular feature as the ratings tend to shift over time — although there are some teas that will always receive […]


Best High Tea in the Big City?»

So you want to get your high tea on, huh?

How to Brew the Perfect Cup of Tea»

When brewing a cup of tea, there are objective factors which will definitely improve your results, and there are subjective factors that appeal to your personal palate. We will cover both in turn.

Tea Caffeine Content»

By weight, tea leaves contain roughly 3-4% caffeine content. Translating that into milligrams per 8 oz. cup is no easy task. The caffeine content in your cup depends on a number of factors.